TATA Consultancy Services: Brand & Comms Strategy (Youth Engagement)


TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) deliver high level technology driven solutions and services to their clients’ right around the world. Digital empowerment of the next generation sits at the heart of their worldwide CSR. In this instance TCS UK & Ireland wanted to leverage the work they do in delivering knowledge and inspiration to young people to encourage them to take up technology courses and careers by overhauling their related brand
communications activity and establishing a new and sustainable brand communications strategy.

Our role:

Working alongside both the CSR and Communications team at TCS and seeking a co-creationist approach that we could all be proud of, we built the process around a series of intense work stages each culminating in blended team “consideration” based workshops designed to refine the thinking and agree the principles before moving on.

The first job was to take a long hard look at how TCS and competitors were currently talking about their work in this space, what they were trying to achieve for the benefit of society and the individual, how meaningful and engaging their language was to their core audiences, policy makers, influencers and stakeholders and what might therefore set
them apart.

We found a market littered with hyperbole and jargon, a distinct lack of tangible, measurable targets and a focus on educational content rather than impact. A market talking very lucidly to itself but with nothing new or compelling to say to young people, many of whom, still in 2018 perceived technology futures as not for them and unrelated to who they are, their life as it is or the things they are interested in.

The second job was to recognise the barriers: the interests of the individual and how they see themselves and what is important to them when they think about their own future; equally the paradox that young people and their parents are extremely concerned about their future employment prospects yet have no consciousness that a future in technology will almost certainly secure them a very highly paid job for life.

Finally, we translated this into a simple and engaging proposition and creative execution designed to move young people to a place where they can see themselves taking part in an exciting, personally interesting and secure future in technology. Concurrently we advised TCS on a benchmarking and measurement strategy that could support and evidence the strategic impact going forward.

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