Research & Consultation Services

We are the first social business in brand communications. We deliver brand, marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications strategies for our clients together with stakeholder, public, partner, employee & commissioner engagement strategy.

However, we are also happy to deliver related research and consultation as a discreet service where clients may wish to explore opportunities or assumptions before moving ahead into strategic planning. In each case the research outputs will be analysed by a strategic planner and delivered alongside a summary of insights and practical recommendations relating to the activation of the issue.

Specialising in social value work this service covers: intelligence and insight mining, competitor landscaping, market scoping, attitudinal & behavioural research, benchmarking and scenario testing for Government & Public Sector, NHS, Charitable & Voluntary Organisations and for Corporate Brand Purpose or Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

A specialist service offers particular approaches to engaging hard to reach audiences. This may be where the issue to be informed is of a sensitive nature (for example Female Genital Mutilation or Addiction Services) or audiences are unlikely to want to participate fully (for example Drinking in Pregnancy). In these instances we have specialist facilitators and ethnographers to hand and methods whereby we include Community Navigators in helping us reach and safeguard respondents.

Tools & techniques on offer include:

Workshops & Hackathons: Fully tailored & rigorously designed 1-4 hour sessions to meet the research objectives whilst keeping the respondents motivated, interested and in a state of continuous learning

Consultation & Market Research: Largely qualitative or small scale quantitative – by telephone, email, online or face to face; including recruitment of respondents, appropriate incentivisation, contact strategies, development of discussion guides and surveys, data collection and data analysis.

Larger scale data analysis can be arranged through Partners: Experian or Rigour Research. This enables us to add geo-demographic profiling for example and to use Panel based Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) techniques.

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