Breast Cancer UK Brand Refresh

The background:

Breast Cancer UK is a charity focused on preventing breast cancer through awareness, scientific research and influencing public policies. With a quarter of breast cancer cases being preventable, the charity aims to raise awareness of how people can make lifestyle changes to lower their risk of developing the condition. They promote behavioural changes such as drinking less alcohol, getting more exercise and avoiding harmful chemicals. The charity also raises funds for scientific research into the prevention of breast cancer, specifically the association between certain chemicals found in the environment and everyday items such as cosmetics and cleaning products.

Our role:

We were asked to refresh the brand, including look and feel and associated messaging, with a view to engaging a much younger audience in understanding the lifestyle choices that are open to them.

Working closely with the team at Breast Cancer UK we gathered insight amongst target audience segments, from internal experts and published related behavioural and attitudinal sources. This was used to shape a strategic brand proposition and associated messaging. We then worked with the charity to creatively develop a particular look and feel that would resonate with a younger audience; researching and testing through qualitative and online research as we went along.

The final deliverables – new logo, suggested new look and feel, and refreshed brand communications assets – provides simple compelling messages about the science behind the risks associated with breast cancer which will be better understood by the charity’s target audiences.

This amplifies the Charity’s scientific work in the prevention field, sharing compelling fact based content with its new audiences whilst recognizing that not all Breast Cancers are lifestyle linked.

Breast Cancer Preventation Brosure Breat Cancer Website Breast Cancer Prevent the Preventable Logo

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