Communications, Marketing & Brand Strategy

Whether integrated into your team on an ongoing basis or collaborating with you for a targeted project, we’ll work together to define the story of who you are and what you do for your audiences.

By interrogating your values, objectives and audiences, we’ll identify how your communications, marketing and brand strategy can align to your wider objectives, and bring clarity to your long-term plans. 

Our expertise include:

  • Brand and communications propositions
  • Creative platforms
  • Narrative creation
  • Message development
  • Audience and channel planning
  • Measurement and evaluation

Lynn Ladbrook, CEO, Breast Cancer UK

“We used SoLo to help us to understand our target audience, provide marketing insights, revitalize and test our messaging and develop a fresher, younger brand identity. SoLo worked closely with us throughout the process, and really took the time to understand the audience and challenges, gently helping us to push the boundaries.   

“I loved working with SoLo. They brought in the right skills and expertise at each stage and the team worked seamlessly together. They are all very good at what they do, they never missed a deadline, delivered high quality content, respected our views and challenges, and responded with solutions. But above all they were lovely to work with.” 

May 2019

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