What we invest in

At Social & Local we invest the profits we make through our commercial work to support creative businesses and campaigns that have real and lasting social impact. We work with credible partner organisations to help us find, fund and facilitate the most talented to make a difference in the world.

How we work with Falmouth University

As the number one UK university for the Creative Industries, Falmouth is the ideal place for us to reach and educate the next generation. When we began working with them four years ago, we discovered that although the students knew little about social enterprises, they were keen to know more.

We now run a 3-hour seminar each year with 3rd year creative advertising students, teaching them about the social enterprise model and how it offers ‘another way’ to do business. During the seminar we challenge them to come up with a social impact campaign – this really fires them up and opens their eyes as to how they can use their skills for good.

As part of our relationship with Falmouth University, students can also apply for a small bursary from Social & Local to help get social business ideas off the ground.

Kent, Falmouth University student

“Had a really great workshop!! The creative process for coming up with a positive campaign resulted with ideas and causes that we didn’t realise we cared about. It was a good insight into how creativity and advertising can benefit people for a better future.”

Tom, Falmouth University student

“Never before have I seen ideas like the ones that came from the workshop. They made us tap into real world problems and explore creative ideas to help overcome them. Ideas that weren’t just left in the workshop, ideas that you left wanting to develop more.”

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How we work with Creative Conscience

Creative Conscience is very much a sister organisation to Social & Local, sharing our values and vision. It’s a global organisation that aims to inspire designers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects. Their awards encourage, recognise and reward students and graduates from across the design spectrum to develop concepts and projects that promote sustainability, freedom, social health and well-being.

Each year, Creative Conscience selects award-winners and helps them to develop their skills through social creative projects. We fund Creative Conscience to realise these projects, giving the young people valuable industry experience as well as creating social benefit. Winners receive one to one mentoring from industry experts and are connected with the right people to help deliver their project.

Social & Local is sponsoring the 2017 Awards ceremony, hosted by IBM, and is a Creative Conscience ambassador.

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