Liam – graphic designer

“Working on my Heart of Darwen project showed me that I can make change, and that working with people to create an outcome that works for them is what inspires me.

Creative Conscience has shown me that growing a career in this type of design is possible. You can make change. Every individual has the ability to change the world around them. Creative Conscience has also helped with my transition between university and gaining a job in the real world, by helping me to find an internship at a branding agency, which has gone on to become my full time job.

Since the awards I have also become part of the Creative Conscience team, working on various design, experience and organisational aspects of the organisation. It is exciting working to help encourage others to create design that aims to make tangible change, and also to see Creative Conscience grow. Chrissy and the rest of the team continue to offer many amazing opportunities, like meeting design legends and going to really inspiring events. I feel very lucky.”

Funding from Social & Local helps pay for Liam’s role at Creative Conscience.


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