Brilliant Creative Minds


Brilliant Creative Minds was a mental health and wellbeing campaign for the advertising and communications industry actively running from 2018-2022 and the code still stands today.

Read the Code of Conduct Applying the Code’s principles to Real Work

It was spearheaded by us (Social & Local CIC), Crown Commercial Service, NABS, IPA, the Alliance of Independent Agencies, the Advertising Association and ISBA.

The codes aim is to protect creativity in the advertising and communications industry by eradicating practices in procurement, commissioning and agency cultures that compromise mental health and wellbeing, for example:

  • long hours culture and fear of job loss in agencies;
  • excessive tender requirements and procurement processes;
  • unrealistic client timescales and demands.

The campaign calls on the industry to pledge commitment to mental wellbeing and creativity by signing up to the Brilliant Creative Minds Code of Conduct  and embedding its principles into workplace culture. 

Developing the Brilliant Creative Minds Code of Conduct

The Brilliant Creative Minds Code of Conduct was developed through a robust process of intelligence gathering, including in-depth interviews with senior leaders across the client, agency, and procurement worlds.

Through eight principles, expressed in less than 100 words, it aimed to change behaviour industry-wide and create an industry where negative workplace stress is reduced, talent is retained, creativity is protected, and work is rewarding.