BITC Applaud Business Model

We recently had occasion to enter our business model for a BITC award – relating to ageing workforce and ageism. As you know this is one of the aspects that we try to address as a social business. Whilst we didn’t win (perhaps some way to go as yet), there is some lovely feedback which I am sharing in the spirit of our collaborations on all things Social.

“Social and Local is an impressive business with a great social mission. The assessors were impressed by the all-encompassing purpose that drives Social and Local to solve societal issues, particularly in areas that the sector is lacking. There is strong business case which is unique to the business. It is clear that Social and Local have very strong leadership from the top, which is necessary for responding to the ageing workforce and ageism. It was clear to the assessors that Social and Local lives and breathes their brand, and have strong engagement with key people both within their sector and beyond. There’s no denying that this business model is innovative and has had a positive impact on the advertising industry. The overall approach the business has taken in its sector is admirable and a beacon to the wider industry. Social and Local’s work is very inspiring, with clear evidence of both high-level impact on government policy and the wider sector, and lower level impact in terms of the individual support given to entrepreneurs.”

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