Our promises

We will put people at the heart of everything we are and everything we do. We promise: 

  • To our own: We will push the boundaries of equality and gender balance, and disrupt the traditional ‘ad agency’ model. Through remote working, we will provide flexibility and work-life balance for the sharpest minds in the industry, irrespective of life circumstance.
  • To our clients: We will be uncompromising on product, service and quality. We will pass on the costs saved in overheads in fairer prices. We will be a good employer to our people, and a good partner to you.    
  • To our peers: We will use 50% of our profits to fund and resource projects that benefit our community.
  • To our industry: We will lead the charge in making wellbeing a priority, in order to protect and nurture our industry’s brilliant creative minds.

Read about the people and social projects we’ve funded:

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Damiano – filmmaker
Fatma – designer
Amy – illustrator
Liam – graphic designer