Natalie Richards, Managing Partner: Strategy & Engagement



Nats is a strategist and performance manager with over 15 years’ experience. Both intuitive and pragmatic, she likes to shape big thinking into simple, achievable plans.

Career experience:

  • With a degree from Cambridge in Modern and Medieval Languages, Nats began her career teaching overseas for government programmes
  • Switched into advertising, working for integrated agencies before specialising in social marketing at 23red where, as Business Director, she led campaigns tackling the challenging social issues of the day for UK Government
  • Co-founded Social & Local, where she is client lead and ‘QC’ (quality control)


  • Experienced all-rounder: Johnson & Johnson, Waterstones, Bushmills, Bollinger, Lloyds TSB, Yorkshire Building Society Group, Leitz, Eurosport, Barnardo’s, Shelter
  • Award-winning Government campaigns: Change4Life, Go On UK, Tax for Business, Food Standards Agency

What the “Social Life” means to Nats

“Social & Local means everyone can work to their strengths. I don’t just mean skills and experience, but also time of day and location. For me that means the peace and quiet of my home office (often accompanied by the sound of my dog gently snoring on the sofa behind me). It means getting up and going straight to work, bypassing the stress of a train commute. It means getting to my Pilates class on time, without worrying about delays home. Healthy body, healthy mind!

I also take real joy in knowing that we can all be ourselves. You can’t help ‘bring yourself’ to work when work is your home, with kids, partners, dogs, cats, delivery men and whoever else prone to popping up. There’s no hiding who you are – in a good way. We bring it all to work, and our work benefits from the richness of our lives. But I don’t work in my PJs. I have standards!”

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