5 things you should know about Holly Greenland, Consultant Head of Strategy

  1. People and pets: I live with my partner, two kids and seven fish (they wanted a dog, but it wasn’t going to happen). 
  2. Favourite (communications) campaign: I love it when a brand is brought to life. AirBnB reinvented their logo – the Belo – a couple of years ago with an engaging story and animated content that I just loved, bringing together the stories of the company, their home owners and the people who come to visit.
  3. Quote to live by: In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity (Albert Einstein).
  4. Something we don’t know about you: I often love the condiments more than the meal itself. 
  5. Why the Social Life Matters: The “Social Life” means real flexibility to live and work in a way that makes sense for everyone. Not just me and my family, but for the team and our clients too. It’s just better that way!


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