Everything we are and everything we do is built around what’s important to people today.


Social & Local is an award-winning, strategic communications agency. Uniquely, we are a Community Interest Company, working exclusively on projects with social value and local impact.

We work with clients across a diverse range of sectors; from charities, health, and government to arts, education, and heritage. 

Our service offer covers: Communications and Brand Strategy, Learning Campaigns and Content, Insight Mining.


everything we are & everything we do

We’ve revolutionised the agency working environment. 


Social & Local was set up in 2011 because we understood that many clever, creative and innovative people were unhappy. The agency environment meant that people were leaving our industry in droves.

By revolutionising the agency model – everything digital, everything remote – we could offer flexibility and work-life-balance to attract the sharpest, most experienced minds in the industry. This model also keeps overheads low, resulting in a secondary benefit to our clients – lower fees and fairer prices.


social value & local impact

We take a people-centred approach to our work.


To encourage your audience to learn something new or do something different, it’s not enough to just identify who they are. 

We look to understand what matters in people’s lives. To view your audience from every angle.

We use that insight to inform our strategic and creative decisions. That’s what we mean when we say our approach is “people-centred”, and why our work wins awards.