Social Impact Report

Date: Jan 2017

  1. General Account of the Company’s Activities

1.1 Core Purpose

As stated in our Memorandum and Articles of Association, the objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to provide top class marketing and communications services together with knowledge transfer through training to the not for profit sector, social enterprises and charities and responsible corporate businesses.

The company vision is: To be recognised as thought leaders in social entrepreneurship by proving a mainstream communications agency can be both profitable and make a tangible contribution to society.

Our mission is: To use our skills and experience to deliver high performance marketing communications that make the most of our clients’ resources and help them achieve more. In the first instance, targeting: Government, Public Sector, Local Authorities, Charities and responsible Corporates.

Our contribution to the community is: Using our skills, business experience and profits to inspire social entrepreneurship for the benefit of society.

During the course of this, our fifth year and with the support of our non-executive Directors our activities have focussed upon:

  • Growing strategic relationships with the Charity and Government Sectors
  • Managing performance through a year of economic uncertainty in the light of the EU Referendum and subsequent decision to leave the EU
  • Continuing to work with strategic partner Falmouth University in the creation and delivery of course content to inspire young creative entrepreneurs to consider what we describe as “Another Way” of doing with a third lecture series planned in early 2017;
  • Working with the Falmouth University Bursary Office to broaden and simplify the application process for the award of a Social & Local bursary – administered by them. Subsequently, revisiting our partnership with Falmouth in the light of low uptake due in part to poor promotion of bursaries within the University.
  • Subsequently increasing our partnership support and funding to Creative Conscience, a not for profit organisation providing financial or skills support to enable arts students and graduates to create and deliver effective campaigns for Charitable organisations free of charge. Social & Local also mentors them.
  • Sharing our model and inspiring others through public speaking platforms alongside Blueprint for Better Business, the Creative Conscience Awards and the World Girl Guiding seminar. Thereby encouraging others to share our belief in commercially led social business models.

1.4 Social Contribution

0-5 Years total

Total profit share generated to support social contribution over 5 years:  £23592

Direct Grants and Bursaries (65%)

£6,000 distributed as cash awards to social entrepreneurs (see details in chart below)

£6,000 donated to Falmouth University for the development of curriculum content and bursaries for social entrepreneurs of which £400 distributed in 2016.

£3,000 donated to Creative Conscience to fund the specific projects outlined below between year – end and October 2017:

Damiano Petrucci, a young film maker and one of our winning students from last year, is working with us to create this project for the Rainmaker Foundation. The brief is to create better engagement with donors and sponsors through a film piece, to be used on their social media channels and website. We will do this through interviews, filming events, talking to the charities they work with and capturing the impact of what the Foundation does.

Fatma Mansoury, a young designer and one of our award winners from last year, made a powerful FGM awareness campaign. The idea is for Fatma to work with us and Barnardo’s as an intern, to help with design and on FGM projects within the National FGM Centre team. Fatma’s personal story can bring authentic insight to the Barnardo’s team whilst being mentored by CC. The hope is to create materials that the organisation will use in their outreach programmes focusing on education in schools. As Barnardo’s only pay travel/lunch for interns, we would like to support Fatma more in order for her to take this opportunity on.

Amy Moss is an animation student from Birmingham. We want to work with her to create animations for a small charity called Spark Inside and fund Amy’s work whilst mentoring her thought the process. Whilst Amy entered our awards but didn’t win anything, we can see her work has the potential to be really powerful. Spark inside works with young offenders, they want to be able to tell the real stories of the changes they have brought about through the coaching and training they do inside prisons. Because they can’t film these people the idea is to create a series of short animated stories, talking heads with voice overs to bring these stories to life.

£688 in reserve for distribution in future years

Knowledge Transfer & Partner/Award Management (35%)

  • £2,328 paid in external support to deliver partners and awards
  • £3,600 to cover 25% of time given by SoLo Directors for the benefit of the community (lecturing, mentoring, teaching in social value)
  • £1,976 to cover knowledge building and training in best practice worldwide