Trading with The City of London

Trading with The City of London

The brief 

The City of London Corporation is a special local authority that looks after The City of London (The Square Mile). One of their three main jobs is to support and promote The City as a world Financial Centre for overseas companies looking to locate themselves within the European market and position themselves best for bilateral trading.

City of London provides a rich, robust seam of intelligence and insight to help investors. Their service is unique in that it is provided free, is politically neutral and is informed at the highest and widest levels.

Our approach 

Our task was to develop a campaign proposition to leverage the City across three critical international markets: India, China and the United States.

The starting point was to immerse ourselves in understanding and drawing out the core tangible benefits of the City of London’s service and also in the cultural distinctions within each target market to ensure that we could develop a proposition that would be relevant and globally motivating.

This was achieved through a series of in-depth discussions with individuals leading market development within each territory. Then facilitating a team wide session to draw out the true and differentiating audience benefits of the authority’s products and services.

The proposition “Access to the World” emerged as the key motivator. From here the design team developed a strong creative execution to be applied to all future communications and sales pieces which are shown below.

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