New College of the Humanities

New College of the Humanities

The brief

New College of the Humanities is a modern player in the traditional field of higher education. Its students study 8 more modules than a traditional degree, rub shoulders with world-renowned academics, such as Professor Richard Dawkins, and benefit from substantial one-to-one tuition.

The College and its Master, Prof Grayling, attracted high profile interest at the launch – good and bad.  One year on and NCH needed to know where they stood in the education market place and how they could best move forward.

Our approach

We researched how the College was perceived.  The findings were polarised: a ringing endorsement from its students and their parents, doubt whether the College could deliver on its promise from outsiders. As a result, we created the College’s first integrated Marketing Campaign. Designed to show the close relationship between students and academics, the campaign line invited students with ‘quick minds’ to apply.

The results

The campaign was independently assessed by a panel of 16-18 year olds, recruited and polled by Youthsight. It was proven to ignite real interest amongst the target audience. With a slight tweak to reassure prospects of the high level of pastoral care at the College, it is now running for a second year.

We continue to work with the College on its strategic brand development, as it continues to prove its radical new model works.

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