Ikano Intelligent Shopping

Ikano Intelligent Shopping

The brief

Historically custodians of store cards and loyalty programs for top retail brands such as IKEA, Jaeger, DFS, Ikano Insight wanted to establish itself as a mainstream provider of  shopper behaviour insight; moving from the passive position of data guardianship to a value added position in providing customers with actionable and effective business solutions.

The challenge was to develop a compelling and differentiating brand value proposition for them and then to track it through to core creative assets for their launch.

Our approach

Robust insight

After a trawl of the competitive environment and their brand positioning, internal team workshops and senior management team brainstorming we were able to identify an inherent and significant cultural difference in how Ikano Insight might deliver for their markets.

In keeping with all things Ikano, their people are the company’s biggest asset. Highly appreciated as fun to work with and collaborative, the Ikano team is boosted by super smart analysts that are uniquely client facing.

Aligning this insight with the company’s heritage values: smart, simple, different, we were able to see clearly a proposition that would meet the customer’s preference for useful, actionable and fuss free advice and action planning: The i-team.


The proposition translated into making the i the hero and focused on images of the i-team interacting with potential clients or with each other.

To make things personal and approachable the i-team talk about the Ikano Insight offer in the first person throughout with text set within speech bubbles. The sign off is intelligent, intuitive, insight.

 Ikano logo and sign off 

Ikano Insight(1)

The results

“The Social and Local team worked hard to understand our business, and got close to the people to understand how we work. They quickly became part of ‘our team’.”

Lindsey Ulanowsky, General Manager



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