House of Lords

House of Lords

The brief 

The House of Lords plays a vital role in Parliament, helping to examine and challenge the work of the government; and debating and passing all laws. Their team wanted to demonstrate the impact of their whole range of marketing communications activity, linking it to the objectives for the House.

Our approach 

The challenge was to develop a focus on relevant communications out-takes and outcomes rather than on input activity. First we looked at what could be learned from equivalent organisations. Then, working with the House of Lords team, we mapped their current measures and developed a simple evaluation framework. This linked a much smaller number of defined marketing communications measures to their key performance indicators (KPIs).

This framework – a balanced communications scorecard – captures the influence of specific day-to-day communications activities as well as tracking the impact of future campaign work on public attitudes.

The result 

We have been recommissioned by Westminster, delivering work for the House of Commons and for The Palace of Westminster.


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