Brand evolution to support Cornwall’s future growth.

The brief

Cornwall is known as a beautiful tourist destination but its economic lure was less clear or motivating. Cornwall challenged us to help them change this perception and develop a compelling business proposition to support economic growth.

Our approach

To develop a new brand articulation that would harness private sector led growth and job creation.  Relishing the challenge, we undertook the following fascinating journey:

  • Immersion
    Firstly, we immersed ourselves in the myriad of existing client data, extracting key strengths and concerns.  Our own insight and data trawl endorsed many key reoccurring themes, highlighted new ones and flagged up the need for a brave, distinctive and responsible direction to achieve cut through.
  • Exploration
    Next, we conducted a sizeable digital listening study and a number of insightful interviews with stakeholders. We looked at conversations within and beyond Cornwall to understand the gaps between reality and perceptions. In short, we identified strengths that had not yet been galvanised into a consistent picture.
  • Concept Development
    Creating 3 straw man brand keys to identify different proposition options, we then ran 2 days of stakeholder workshops with key Cornish businesses and partners to identify where the collective passion lay; flag concerns and watch-outs; flush out evidence of current examples and stimulate a number of new ‘big ideas’ to further enrich and bring the new brand articulation to life.
  • Evaluation and refinement
    Finally, we conducted another tranche of interviews with potential investors / influencers, sharing the new DNA for feedback and potential areas for improvement.

The results

Positive feedback and strong endorsement of the new brand proposition. It was seen to be chiming with the Cornwall that everyone knew and loved and capable of pushing beyond a tourism only approach.  In essence, the brand had evolved to embody the future, a powerful counter to the summer sun and sea associations.

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