Action on Addiction

Action on Addiction

The brief 

Action on Addiction is the UK’s leading authority on treatment, prevention and support for people with addictions and their families. They have just received the patronage of the Duchess of Cambridge and their flag is flying high in the media.

Following the merger of a number of charities 6 years ago, the Charity wanted to review its brand image and identity and uplift its marketing and communications materials and templates to raise its profile across patients, families, medical professionals, academics and Government. In these times where funding is restricted and where charities are needing to become much more business-like in their outlook this was to be the starting point for a drive for growth.

The approach

A large and wide programme of consultation with their staff and stakeholders and a review of the competitor environment led us to conclude that there was a strong and differentiating proposition in the offing – the breadth and depth of the work of the Charity and the natural Authority that it could claim as a result.

Thus has emerged a compelling and striking personality for the brand and its numerous strands of work using a capital A to signify authority and implicitly – new beginnings, excellence and so on.

By creatively editing existing photographs and allowing the letter to block shadow communications the brand has versatility and flexibility.

The authoritative stance has been taken through both visual and copy guidance and tone of voice directed as determined, compassionate and compelling. Each strand of the work of the charity has been given an additional colour palette to use sparingly where a softer look and feel is required.

Have a look at some examples of our creative work…..


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