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Social & Local CIC

Change-makers in business, brands and behaviours

Changing the way we agencies make our money

Working in partnership at Board Level with our clients we trade in front end, high value work (insight, strategy and core creative) to support corporations, charities and public bodies to develop compelling brand propositions and communications strategy.

We know that the successful brands of tomorrow will understand that their success must be everyone’s success. So, notwithstanding the fact that we deliver the sort of robust work you would expect from people at the top of their profession (oh, and well priced at that) we delight in coupling this to a purpose to be proud of, either through the way we deliver the project, or as part of the solution. It puts the joy back into what we do.


Changing what we do with it

We don’t build pots of gold for our shareholders. And we pay ourselves at a fair and justifiable rate given our expertise.

But, we believe there’s a better way of doing business in our industry and so as a Community Interest Company we invest 50% of our profit to stimulate that.

A big part is in getting the next generation of talent to return to careers in advertising – and to see the point. So many millennials are being lost, choosing to work for more purposeful and rewarding businesses and organisations.

So, our money encourages social entrepreneurship in the creative industries by showing the talent of the future that there is “Another Way” of doing business, and being part of a business that is intrinsically rewarding.

Another way

  • Nice theory… ? We’re firm believers in actions speak louder than words.
  • That’s why we partner with organisations who give us access to potential high flyers in our industry – people who combine talent with an interest in social value.
  • With Falmouth University, we’ve co-created the ‘Another Way’ session for the Business Management module, explaining alternative thinking, challenging industry behaviours and encouraging social values in tomorrow’s marketing talent.
  • With Creative Conscience we fund and mentor beneficiaries of their awards scheme – providing bursaries to enable this outstanding talent to make real their problem solving design concepts.
  • Our vision being that in time, our industry frowns on those who don’t encourage change for the better and simply sees social purpose as perfectly normal – rather than quirkily innovative.
  • Although – whilst we’re very happy to be considered innovative (we don’t really do quirky), actually – it’s just simple common sense.

Our core team and our execs

Our wider team

Our beliefs

Our social impact report

Our founder members and non-execs

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Our Wider Team

We understand it’s not enough to just have strong values: our work has to be excellent too.

So we only work with senior, deeply experienced professionals – strategists, planners, researchers, conceptual teams, designers, copywriters and project managers who have diverse and outstanding levels of knowledge,

As result – you only ever deal with these people – always senior and always handpicked for their relevance to your business.


Our Beliefs

  • Our brand and the associated business model is the most important asset we have; so we have trademarked it.
  • Our commercial success will not be determined by the number of people we employ or the magnitude of our turnover; small and profitable with a portfolio of great, good brands in our target sectors (corporate, govt, NfP) is what’s important to us.
  • Our social outlook will stay at the heart of why we exist; we will continue to drive entrepreneurship by seed funding and supporting individuals who show promise in our world to establish successful social ventures and therefore keep the ball rolling.
  • Our goal can never be to sell-out for a pot of gold; we want an independent, sustainable business where our people are paid well and fairly for their contribution but our profits are shared with the community rather than with shareholders.
  • Our promise is never to under estimate the added value that our clients want from us; we will always give them more “brain for their buck” and a “grown up” working on their project.
  • Our resourcing will always be smart and risk free; we will continue to flex our business by supporting our own resource with a network of highly experienced affiliates (often mature, often balancing their life with childcare) with proven capability and shared beliefs.