Marketing that makes a difference at every level


Our job is to create commercial and social value for our clients.

It might be about developing a brand or service proposition, a campaign, or building relationships with communities or partners.

But it’s always about sustainable marketing.

We are the first UK brand communications agency to be founded as a Community Interest Company. As a social business, we invest 50% of our profits to encourage social entrepreneurship in the creative industries.

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Our work

Ikano Bank UK

In 2014 we were asked by Ikano Bank UK to develop a core customer value proposition. One of the IKEA family of companies, Ikano UK had traded successfully for 10 years as a b2b credit and loyalty provider; they now sought to extend their interests to online retail banking.

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Voluntary Services Overseas

Voluntary Services Overseas is is an international development charity who’s vision is a “world without poverty”. VSO was selected as the charity partner for the 2016 Shakespeare Lives campaign led by Number 10 under the umbrella of the GREAT campaign. The focus of the partnership was to support VSO’s work in supporting the education of those living in the poorest communities across the world.

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Trading with The City of London

The City of London Corporation is a special local authority that looks after The City of London (The Square Mile). One of their three main jobs is to support and promote The City as a world Financial Centre for overseas companies looking to locate themselves within the European market and position themselves best for bilateral trading.

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The Palace of Westminster

The exam questions from Visitor Services and the Public Information Department at The Palace of Westminster were: Who are the British Public today? What are their Political Engagement levels?

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Food Standards Agency – Food Safety Week 2015

The Food Standards Agency wanted to create and manage a diverse range of partnerships to maximise awareness of campylobacter via Food Safety Week 2015.

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Intelligent Shopping

Ikano Insight wanted to establish itself as a mainstream provider of shopper behaviour insight (Insight, Proposition, Creative)

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New College of the Humanities

Integrated marketing campaign to help the College consolidate its position and move forward.

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Brand evolution – developing a fresh, compelling business proposition to support Cornwall’s future growth (Insight, Proposition)

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Nottingham Citycare Partnership

Exploring the market for health & wellbeing services (Insight & strategy)

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St Mungo’s

Finding the true story behind the brand (Strategy)

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Islington Youth Council

Helping young people find their voice (Strategy, Creative, and Engagement)

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Newcastle City Council

Social ethnographic research into citizens’ online behaviour – ‘Digital by Default’ (Strategy)

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University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Using digital patient Information to increase referrals (Strategy & Engagement)

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Action on Addiction

Compelling and striking brand personality (Strategy and creative)

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House of Lords

Developing a framework to evaluate marketing communications (Strategy)

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House of Commons

Communications strategy for free publications (Strategy)

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Capital One

Review, streamline and refresh of community CSR programme (Strategy & Engagement)

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Promotional campaigns for all seasons and climates (Creative)

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What it means to be a social business

It’s marketing Jim, but not as we know it

The question of sustainable marketing to support ‘profit with purpose’ was the subject of an IPA talk Social & Local attended. Hearing from and about enlightened leaders like M&S, Tesla and GE, I was struck by the consensus that business as usual is incompatible with sustainability. To quote one panel member “we need every business to change everything” to be sustainable in the future – and sustainability is a prerequisite to long-term commercial success. But it’s not easy. This too was undisputed. The drive towards a truly sustainable model is a long, hard slog initiated by iconoclastic leaders and implemented throughout the business, from R&D to waste management, from customer engagement to employee welfare. This is perhaps why, in relative terms, so few companies have yet to truly embark on this journey.

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Inspiring the industry’s future professionals – Falmouth


The best way we know to embed sustainable marketing practices is to inspire our industry’s future professionals. That’s why in April, we made the long trip to Falmouth University to give a lecture on social purpose – with a view to equipping graduates with the knowledge and confidence to meet their clients’ ambitions and challenge those who aren’t thinking about their social impact.   

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